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Our philosophy

We believe in

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We are a newly founded advertising agency based in Athens.

We focus our activities on three main areas: business, politics and agriculture. Having many years of experience in advertising and being fully aware of the challenges facing by all three sectors, we work in a way that highlights the history and the vision of a company or an organization.

Advertising is an attempt to increase profits. But it is also your identity to the world. It reflects the way you perceive the people’s needs and your role within society. We try to design strategies that echo your voice, your values and the your commitment to be the best in your fields.

At Stairway, we see advertising as an extension of the people, the history and the quality of your company.

For us, advertising is a serious aspect of a professional life.

We build bold identities, that reflect your passion to be the best.

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We believe in progress for all.We believe in progress for all.We believe in progress for all.